What is Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry is a somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach that gently uncovers and releases layers of subconscious material and dynamics, which may result from childhood trauma, constriction and suppressed emotion embedded in the body, that are at the root of physical and mental problems, illness or addiction.

The purpose of the therapy is to uncover subconscious beliefs and stories that are the root of problems and enables to bring them into consciousness and create an opening to liberate from them. Healing does not happen just with intellectual recognition. The therapist holds space with compassion so that healing can happen for the client when their emotional experience arises and they can be with those original emotions with the insight of the adult.

Certain principles are maintained during a Compassionate Inquiry session. These are:

  1. The client is encouraged to bring a specific intention to each session.
  2. The client determines how much to engage in the session and may request to stop at any time.
  3. The therapist may interrupt the client during the session to bring the client into awareness of the present moment and to body sensations and emotions.
  4. The therapist follows the subtle cues of the client.

Although there can be many benefits to Compassionate Inquiry sessions, it can also be a difficult process that leads to the opening up of emotional pain. This may disrupt your relationships and daily activities. As I accompany you in your therapy journey, I will endeavor to create an attuned and safe container for any difficult material to be processed. Please discuss any concerns that you may have, with me.