Life Maps

Why Kops Method (Životní mapy)?


What can the method do for you and your child

Kops Method is an effective Projective, Diagnostic and Therapeutic method for both children and adults. It provides rapid and effective assistance to both adults as well as children and their parents. It diagnoses a wide range of problems and immediately gives guidance on how to solve them.

Kops Method for adults

is a modern and fast tool to discover the cause of current problems, which you live and which influence your life. It provides an immediate answer, as well as a specific “manual” on how to solve the problem. The session itself takes approximately two hours, and the client is lead through a process of drawing his/her life map. You are encouraged to talk/make comments during the process. In case of a deep and serious problem, it is sometimes necessary to repeat the session several times.

Kops Method for children

is designed for children from the age three and up. As soon as a child is able to communicate (to talk coherently) and draw/paint at least a little, it is possible to use this method. The child is lead throuh a process of drawing his/her life map. It is very unburdening for the child and very quick in providing result. The child is encouraged to talk or comment during the process, however, if he/she is not communicative, we may stick to drawing the map. We will get the desired results anyway.

For pre-schoolers

It is at this age that we can easily find out and correct emerging hidden traumas or patterns according to which a child would develop and behave in the future. It is important to understand that it is not the reality of events what is determining – but how the child reacts to the events and how he/she interprets it. This reaction takes place predominantly inside the child and a parent can hardly notice it. And it is in the very nature of a pre-schooler that he/she is not capable to communicate the situation even to the closest people. The Kops Method® has a great advantage – it is able to discern between the event itself and the child’s reaction and come up with the necessary correction.

For school-aged children

To parents of school-age children, the Kops Method® offers a chance to deal with problems like learning deficiencies, bullying, and problems at home. It helps when the child stops communicating or you don’t understand your child the way you wish you would, or you can perceive changes which you are unable to make out and untangle. It works really well in uncovering and preventing possible tendency to addictions, causes of anxiety, fears etc.