Therapy Mgr. Markéta Černoušková – English

English speaking Therapist and Life Councellor in Prague city centre

Anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, addiction? Unhappy in your life? Problems with children or a partner? Attracting the wrong partners? Got labeled ADHD or BPD but no advice on what to do with it?

I lead my clients to being mindful and self-compassionate, and to get in touch with their experiencing. We go as deep as it gets to the roots of the problem, and immediately come up with what to do. Frozen emotions and uneasy states are processed directly during the session. We come quickly to understand our negative believes, subconscious patterns and programs, and automatic reactions. This allows us on changing our habits, attitudes, experiencing, behaving and self-regard. Results with me are quick and amazing.

What is Compassionate Inquiry?

What is Mindfulness and Compassion oriented approach in Integrative Psychotherapy? Two conscious minds are more powerful than one.

Why is it important to work on the level of somatic experiencing? It is a path of healing traumatic experience, notably from our childhood.

What can Life Map do for you or your child?

The Wisdom of Trauma film & Dr. Gabor Maté

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